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Transgender Friendly Restroom Signs?


Hello Tumblr,

I am a graphic design student working on a wayfinding system project that requires me to create my own restroom signage.

I want the signs I create to be 100% Trans friendly. During research, I’ve found three existing methods of labeling restrooms: with/without urinal, the “half pants/half skirt” stick figure, and a third restroom labeled “gender neutral”. I’ve also seen a lot of criticism and discontent with all of these options. 

So I’m here to ask advice. What kind of restroom signage would be totally transgender friendly? What would you like to see when you go somewhere? What would make you feel safe and accepted? What makes you comfortable? What makes you uncomfortable?

Any opinions, comments, and ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Anything you think I should know or you are comfortable sharing with me so that I can really do this right: message me, reblog this post, answer below

Thank you.


Washington is Very Serious feat. Dickard Simmons

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Mulan 2- Lesson Number One (English):


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Fidget Rings are rings that help you fidget, and are sure to make everyone around you uncomfortable.


Or people with anxiety who normally bite nails or pick at skin o.o

Like I would want this. I fidget all the time and it’s soothing. My boyfriend has a r20 for him to fidget with when he’s anxious.

Screw making people uncomfortable, OP, how about making oneself comfortable??




THE TRANSFORMATION OF A NEGLECTED DOG - When we first saw this dog in it’s cage, we didn’t know which end was front or back. We had to get a treat to see which end lifted up to sniff.”

The Trio Animal Foundation recently rescued a badly neglected dog, now named Ellen, from a cage in the Chicago area. The dog’s fur was extremely matted and soaked with urine. A groomer named Kelli from the Mutt Hutt helped shave Ellen and gave her a bath. Ellen was taken to the vet for treatment and is currently in a foster home. Applications for Ellen’s adoption are available through Project Rescue Chicago. Read more from the Trio Animal Foundation Facebook page:

Kelli, a veteran groomer at Mutt Hutt, agreed to come into work very early this morning to see what she could do to help. Without Kelli’s generous offer, I am not sure what we would have done. The amount of grooming tools that she had to use to break through the hard shell of fur was unbelievable. 

Within the first ten minutes we found out that our matted pup was a girl… we have now named her Ellen. For the next hour and a half, I held Ellen and Kelli quickly worked to shave the heavy casing of fur away from Ellen’s body. Even though we had to pull out fur that had grown 2 inches down Ellen’s ear canal and shave matted fur away from her irritated paper-thin skin, never once did Ellen growl or show her teeth. When it came time to shave the matted fur that had tightly wrapped its way around Ellen’s raw legs like a snug boot, Ellen actually looked up at me and started to give me kisses… I could have died. Even better, the first time that she could feel the touch of my hand on her newly shaven back… she looked me in the eyes and it was as if she was saying thank you… her past abuse was literally being shaved away. In fact, 2 POUNDS of fur was shaved away!

Once almost all of Ellen’s fur was shaved off, she was given a bath and then one more trim so that no nook went untouched. We then took a walk upstairs and bought her a new collar, harness, leash and a few toys. 


If you are interested in adopting this 8.5 pound, around 2-year-old girl, please fill out an adoption application at . Once Ellen receives a clean bill of health from TAF’s vet, she will be spayed and ready for her new forever home.

A BIG thank you to Kelli from Mutt Hutt and to all of the staff at HEAL for seeing Ellen with no appointment and for the extra TLC that you all gave her! Without all of you, this baby girl would not be sleeping on the couch next to me tonight!

Ellen looks like a sweet dog who now has a second chance at life. Click here for more information and photos of Ellen, here for more about the Mutt Hutt, and here for adoption information at Project Rescue Chicago. (Photos from the Trio Animal Foundation) 


the best minecraft house i have ever seen XD


the best minecraft house i have ever seen XD